Group Seminars

Over the last 20 years I have delivered many group nutrition seminars. I am an experienced presenter with a lively manner and the ability to present the science in an interesting and understandable way. If you would like any type of nutrition seminar for your business or group – please contact me to discuss.

Seminar topics I have presented on:

  • Diet and auto-immune disease, what is the link, and what diet will help?
  • The Paleo diet: the science and how to put it into practice
  • The Zone diet, science and practice
  • The paleo diet for auto-immune disease (Auto-immune paleo protocol – AIP)
  • Eating for appetite control; how to lose weight without hunger
  • Reading nutrition labels
  • Sugar – what it does to you and how to get it out of your diet
  • Diet to reduce inflammation
  • What in the world is making us fat, and what can we do about it
  • Paleo or paleo zone for CrossFit gym clients

Seminar feedback

“Hi Julianne,

Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the seminar last night. Your information was very well presented and I thought you covered quite a bit of material in such a short time. Very insightful! Thanks again, Karine ”


“Excellent. A very informative and well presented seminar. The Paleo Diet Guide handout is much appreciated. Thanks Julianne.” Kathryn


“Really well worth going to one of Julianne’s seminar’s. Very Informative and well presented. I learnt a lot. Thank you Julianne. I highly recommend” David

“Absolutely brilliant, informative and helpful. A++” Sarah

“This was great! Thanks for organising the seminar. Quite a few things were eye-opening and I’ll be applying them to my take on Paleo :) ” James

“Fabulous. Tonnes of info, and also all those little questions that been getting me thinking have now been answered..great seminar, thx for organising, and thx to Julianne” Karen