Testimonial – Raquel J

“When I sought help with Julianne I was not sleeping well, both not getting to sleep easily or able to stay asleep the whole night, easily angered, crying and having trouble concentrating and remembering things. I had debilitating PMT and depression and hypoglycaemia. I’d been hospitalised twice for irregular heartbeat. Given that my personality is usually calm, logical and organised I was really struggling in my job.

As an analytical person I had done quite a bit of research into diets etc. but it can be so confusing when unwell and when there is so many different opinions. Also I was looking for a quick fix; a supplement or therapy that would “cure” me.

Julianne was very kind, I think I was crying when I turned up because my foggy brain got me lost.

She listened to my worries and concerns and reassured me when I thought it seemed too hard or wasn’t working. I had tried gluten free before but Julianne told me I would feel worse before I felt better and encouraged me to push on. What a great help just to know that!

It’s been just over a year now and I don’t need to get a test for my thyroid, I know it’s better as I can swallow in the morning without pain and I have been in a job as a Manager for nearly 6 months which would have been impossible a year ago. I love not having fat days and being able to think in the afternoon instead of fuzzy thinking.” Raquel J