About Julianne

Julianne Taylor, NZ Registered General and Obstetric Nurse, Nutritionist

Julianne’s passion for the power of nutrition was ignited in 1996. She experienced first-hand the difference diet makes; she experimented with the then popular Zone diet, and within days experienced increased energy, improved mental focus, and excellent appetite control leading to weight loss without hunger. Further experiments lead to trying the paleo diet in 2009, which eliminated auto-immune joint inflammation and menstrual issues.

As a result she changed careers, from a designer to a nutritionist, and went back to University to study nutrition at Massey. She has recently completed a post graduate diploma in nutrition science.

Julianne has been researching the connection between diet and health since 1997, and applying what she has learned to her clients with great success. She has a special interest in how diet controls appetite regulation via control of ‘hunger’ hormones. Using these diet principals she has helped hundreds of people lose weight without hunger.

The effect of diet in reducing auto-immune disease is also a topic close to her heart, and in her post graduate work she researched diet studies and Rheumatoid arthritis, and interviewed 10 people who had successfully used a paleo diet to reduce symptoms or go into remission.

Special interests:

  • Diet for appetite regulation and weight loss
  • Metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes
  • Diet plans: paleo, zone diet, low carb, conventional nutrient rich diet
  • Diet for auto-immune disease
  • Group Seminars, a range of nutrition topics



  • Registered Nurse (NZRGON) (Auckland School of Nursing)
  • Diploma in Interior and Furniture Design (Unitec)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Design for disability (London City Polytechnic)
  • Certified Zone Diet Instructor (Zone Labs, USA)
  • Grad Cert Science & Technology (Human Nutrition) Massey
  • Post Grad Diploma Science (Human Nutrition) Massey
  • Member of the New Zealand Nutrition Society