I am based in Auckland Central, New Zealand. Services I offer:


Nutrition Seminars

My seminars are primarily a whole food focus.

I believe is the best tool for designing the healthiest human diet is by being informed by the diet we evolved on over hundreds of thousands of years,  plus modern nutrition science.

My research has led me to appreciate that food quality is crucial, it should be high in nutrients that nourish our brain, organs, maintain our muscles and feed our microbiome. Important too is the amount of and ratio of food we eat and protein, carbohydrates and fat in a ratio that suits each individual.

I run a range of seminars, typically 1 – 3 hours long. This is enough time to cover important nutrition science so you understand what food does in your body, and the ‘how-to’s’ of eating the right food and the right amount for as an individual.

Seminars are held at the Grey Lynn Community Centre, and in other venues around Auckland.

I travel – so if you would like a seminar in any part of New Zealand – do not hesitate to call me and discuss.

If you wish to hold seminar at your workplace or gym, please contact me (Julianne) on 021 680703 or


Personal Consultation

In person or via phone or skype over the phone contact Julianne on 0800 72 74 72
An initial Consultation approx 1.5 hours, includes booklet with nutrition information, and meal ideas $150.00

Cost $100.00 per hour, $50.00 per half hour